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Boatstar - brokerage offers a pleasantly easy, simple and cost effiecient way to exchange Your boat to cash.. In addition, we are swift sellers, as our customer base is very wide geographical ly. Comprising Finland, Sweden and the countries around The Baltic Sea.
We base our actions on strong trust. Both sellers and buyers are as important for us.
The point is that we get salaries only for the sales. On the other words You do not receive any costs before the boat has been sold.
Check out the accompanying description of the boat sales and contact us by using the contact form or call +358 50 5765748.

The pricing and inspection

The boat price is determined by up-market. A rough estimate of the selling price will submitted after receiving basic data, equipment list and Your own condition report basis. If our thoughts are still identical we will visit and inspect your boaton-site. We just want to be sure aof accurate information and technical and visual condition. Then it is time to confirm the pricing criteria.

Sales premium

Before drawing up the sales agreement we need to agree sales premium and the reasons for it. In most cases, boats are large specimens, which have different sale period, demand and supply. Thus, the sales premium also varies depending on the boat and the geographical area due to circumstances.
In any case we are trying harder in all cases in front of it, that the boat will be sold and it found a new happy owner. Sales bonus is paid upon delivery of the boat.

Sales agreement

Sales engagement is always made by a written agreement which sets out. parties, sales premium, geographical scope, time, pricing, potential financial liability, demonstrations, boat storage, and keys.
We take lots of pictures of the boat. Then we produce an electronic sales brochure, which will be uploaded to our system. The first information they receive are clients who have expressed interest in this type of boat. After a while the Your boat is listed in leading marketplaces in our area of operation.

Demonstrations, testdrives, negotiations

If your boat has been delivered for sale to our base in Espoo, Finno, we handle all the commerce-related activities there. If your boat is on sale elsewhere, eg in it`s home port, we agree with you the practical arrangements for the sale actions on individual basis.


The buyer can make an offer. If you accept it, he can reserve the boat for 10 days by paying a booking fee of 5% to our customer bank account. In this case, a preliminary purchase agreement will be signed. The buyer has then 10days time to submit the amendments and inspections he/she sees necessary at their own expense.
If serious, pre-unmentioned defects in structures or the boat's technology will be identified in these inspections, she/he has the right to cancel the purchase. In this case, the deposit will be returned to in full. Of course, an error condition or otherwise compensating the completion of consultation is. Otherwise we proceed towards the final payment and delivery.

The documents

We provide all the necessary documents, financial contracts, insurance policies and to inform potential donors in ending the contract.
Export and import transactions within the party with the routines of our advice, registrations or deregistration.

The payment

We will monitor the balance performance, if it takes place only upon delivery.

The delivery

We will deliver all boats to our buyers by ourselves. We shall agree transport arrangements with the buyer usually on purchase, and we consider you to schedules, of course, completely up to date.

Interested? Contact us today, even though completing the form or by email or +358 50 5765748.

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