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There are many types of boats and an equal number of reasons how manufacturers have designated their products.
Please consider first what type of boat you want to buy? How to fit the intended use and budget? Also consider how long you plan to use it? boat brokerage - website is always up to date and offers a very comprehensive details of boats that are for sale. There you will find facts and assessment report, plus dozens of detailed photos.
Our goal is to secure that - site descriptions always correspond to reality.
Thus, geographical distance is no barrier to trade any more, more or less it only makes the process a bit slower.

If you already found an interesting object, please visit the Boat data point.

If you did not found that this time, we are happy to help You to find such later.
Every year we will make a number of `boat hunts`. This means that you can make an agreement to buy a boat. In this case, we will review the market offers. We give you a detailed overview with many pictures and videos if possible. Of course You will receive our detailed information and inspection data with comments. You are welcome to contact us for a Boat Hunt.

Boat data

Once you have found a vessel of interest, please familiarize yourself to the boat's data at Here you'll also find assessment of the boat's condition, equipment list and plenty of pictures.
Note that the products have been professionally checked over, but generally described. does not guarantee the condition in detail.
Please contact us for further information.
Of course, we arrange viewing for you at the appropriate time.

If Your current vessel is still for sale, we are happy to make the proposal to sell it too.

When you think that available information is sufficient and you are sure that you want the boat, please, continue to make an offer.

Offer and negotiations

You can leave your offer as a written or orally, but note that it is subject to to bind You if the boat's owner accepts it. In other words, when the boat owner accepts Your offer, you need to
- Sign a preliminary agreement of intent to buy the boat
- Carry out the booking fee of 10% of the purchase price to Noventum Oy's customer account

Then you have 10days time to accomplish the desired additional technical inspections, test drives, etc. Please note that the cost these actions You have to cover by Yourself.
If any significant structural or technical errors will be found in this study which were not told before the deal can be canceled, if You wish. Then the deposit is refunded in full amount without delay. Alternatively, you can negotiate of corrective actions in order to repair this error or other compensation given by the owner.

The Deal

When all issues are clarified, it is time to prepare the rest of the deals documents and make the necessary payments, insurance and registration. At the same time we shall agree of terms and timing for the transportation.


We will deliver the boat above the agreed scheduale, the most suitable one for you.

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