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About us

Boatstar `s history began 2008. Eventually it was decided to explore the possibilities of exporting Finnish-made, used boats to overseas. In this case resulted in an initial work being done in Sweden. Experience had encouraged to try harder.
As one would expect the recession in 2009 meant that the road was pretty steep because of the sharp devaluation of the Swedish krona. In spite of this represented Sweden 70% of our sales volume. The remaining 30% divided equally between Estonia, Russia and Finland.

The most important task, the entire sales and service concept, was written very accurately and it also was tested in practice during the last year.

In the beginning 2010 we published this - website and launched a base in Espoo, at Finnå Marina. Importership of MARINE light aluminium boats starts also. Vi doubled the sales volume. In 2011 started dealership for Parsun outboards.

During 2013 started importership of SMARTLINER-aluminium boats. At the same time arrived Havel Ranturit and VP-boatsupports to portfolio too.

In August 2014 moved we our winterstorage back to Helsinki, Töölö. The started we also sales of Haswing - fishingengines with elektropower.

During winter 2015 started we sales of Tohatsu-outboards and Suomi-fiberglass boats.

In May 2015 Noventum Oy sold Boatstar-business to new entrepeneurs; Outi Varsamäki and Jani Kotilainen established a new company called BoatStar Oy for this business. Their aim is to continue by developing business further on.

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Contact details are as follows:

BoatStar OY
Visiting addresses:
1. Summer
Hylkeenpyytäjäntie 9, Finnå Marina
02270 Espoo
2. Winter
Lastenlinnantie 1, 00250 Helsinki

C/O Outi Varsamäki
Saukkotie 3A
03600 Karkkila

tel. +358 41 5016779